Women’s Health

Searching for hormonal harmony?

Throughout a woman’s lifetime, hormones mark known changes, both physiologic and observable. Although puberty is the most evident change, many hormonal changes are manifested with aging. Peri-menopause, Menopause and Post-menopause are periods in a woman’s lifetime that may produce symptoms from declining or changing hormone levels.

Common symptoms include hot flashes, night sweat, loss of concentration, insomnia, irritability, weight gain etc. When symptoms are hard to deal with and quality of life is important, women are left with having to make difficult decisions about taking hormones. Your doctor is a good person to ask about the choices you have in taking hormones or other alternatives.

Hormone therapy is often a medicinal approach for the improvement of symptoms. In functional medicine it is one component of understanding the physiological processes that influence health and therefore act as an intervention for prevention of diseases, especially in the cardiovascular areas.

Men’s Health

Yes, it is possible! Men experience their own form of Menopause, known as Andropause

For quite some time menopause has been a topic limited to female conversation. However, word of a male version of menopause made headlines around the world in June 2010.

Studies conducted by a team of British scientists confirmed the condition coined, andropause, as male menopause published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Men with symptoms such as a lack of energy, decline in sex drive, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, irritability, depression, weight gain, and sleep problems may suffer from andropause.

Andropause is a result of hormonal changes in aging men. It is characterized by a decline in bodily functions. Andropause can start as early as age 30. Adropause is caused by low testosterone, high estrogen, or a combination of both.

Reduction of Estrogens

TWeight loss, exercise, and healthy eating may reduce the amount of fat and therefore reduce testosterone aromatization to estrogen as well as the storage of estrogen in the fat.

Pediatric Care

Sticky Icky Medicines No More
It’s time to turn those frowns and sour faces upside down with the benefits of compounding for children

“What is that? It looks and smells yucky!” For children, medicine tends to leave a sour taste in their mouths once they hear the word.

Children can be sensitive to certain tastes, smells, and have sensitivity to certain gritty or bitter liquids. Other times swallowing can be difficult and injections can be scary. At Universal Arts Pharmacy, we collaborate with parents and children in finding helpful methods of delivery and administration for medications that simply don’t appeal to kiddies.

In the past few years, the popularity of compounding has definitely emerged as an industry of unification between doctors and pharmacists to offer tailored medications to patients, meeting their ultimate needs.

Compounding a medication can give parents and physicians the flexibility of using the same active ingredient needed while placing it in a different dosage form or concentration than how it is normally available. Universal Arts Pharmacy can create the following dosage options for our young friends.


The itching, the scratching, the scarring. Traditional medications are just not cutting it for you. The answer to all your problems is in a simple visit to a compounder.

Compounding medications can be useful when trying to individualize a treatment. Customizing a specific formula can make a difference. Dermatology includes skin diseases, skin care, anti-aging and beauty aids, acne, and even keeping hair and nails healthy.

Compounding pharmacists have to ability to create formulated combinations of medications that are most suitable for individualized patients with differing conditions and reactions. Medications can be created in forms such as topical creams, lotions, solutions, and other mediums.

Equipment available in a compounding lab allows pharmacist to formulate topical preparations just as a dermatologists orders. At times, a dermatologist may order special combinations to meet a patients needs. Pharmacists review these orders and use their prior knowledge and experience to make sure that all ordered drugs in the prescription combine adequately to give the patient his/her desired results.

Pain Management

Making life comfortable is not far fetched through pain management therapies and medications.

Finding relief from chronic pain can be challenging. There are a multitude of pain medications available by prescription that can alleviate the immediate discomfort but often cause secondary effects such as fatigue, stomach irritation, and more. Compounding offers alternate ways to administer medications and still benefit from the relief while minimizing or even eliminating the side effects.

Some illnesses commonly treated are:

  • • Arthritis
  • • Neuropathic Pain
  • • Cancer Pain
  • • Injuries

Some dosage options are:

  • • Topical solutions
  • • Extended release narcotic capsules
  • • Transdermal gel patches
  • • Suppositories
  • • Creams and ointments


Taking care of those dancing feet

As the spring and summer slowly make their way to your doorstep, it’s time to start thinking about how you can best take care of those precious feet.

Universal Arts Compounding Pharmacy is able to work with podiatrists wishing to order special formulations for office use and for individual patient take-home treatments.

By customizing medications it allows for better compliance and improve overall therapeutic outcome.

Compounding of discontinued drugs like Cantharidin (Canthrone), a wart medication can be easily made to order by using our services.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist for care:

  • • Warts and calluses
  • • Decubitus ulcers
  • • Edema/swelling
  • • Diabetic neuropathy
  • • Fungal Infections
  • • Neuropathic pain

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